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2023 Wurst Brass Festival
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The inaugural Wurst Brass Festival will be held in June 2023 in Amana, Iowa, hosted by Iowa Brass (formerly known as the Eastern Iowa Brass Band).

Public events being planned include a Wurst Friday March competition, similar to the vaunted Whit Friday competitions held across the UK. At this time, we have 3 public venues identified where bands will regale the assembled Wurst Festival goers with marches. Saturday will feature a day-long concert inside the Amana Festhalle Barn, as bands will rotate, playing at least one set (possibly two) to a public audience.

The weekend will include a private (bands-only) potluck dinner (courtesy of Iowa Brass) after the Wurst Friday competition is complete as well as a catered (bands-only) dinner and awards ceremony on Saturday evening. Both dinners will be held in the Festhalle Barn.

Iowa Brass is continuing to refine the details for the weekend and we appreciate your interest.

Continue to check back here as we release details and information regarding:

- Registration for bands

- Schedule of events

- Logistics information

- Rules

Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to your participation in the 2023 Wurst Brass Festival!

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