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Beer and Brats at 11am?  It’s not the WURST idea ;-)  Welcome to the Wurst Brass Festival!


We are honored to have you here to celebrate all things brass in the wurst way! We are looking forward to hearing the very wurst brass bands, featuring the wurst soloists, and offering the wurst entertaining music in the Midwest.  We're glad you're here to celebrate with us, and we promise it's going to be a real sauerkraut of fun! We've got everything you need to have a schnitzel-blast, from the best bratwurst you've ever tasted to the most mouth-watering Sauerbraten you can imagine.  Our musicians are simply the wurst of the best.  Join in on the fun and let's polka like it's 1899!    Prost!

Our Wurst Brass Festival will feature music on two stages:

1. Festhalle Barn—Indoor. (This will also be the location for our cookout meal, raffle prizes, awards, and camaraderie at the end of the day).  Parking is available around the Festhalle Barn and on the side streets (see additional maps).

2. Millstream Brewing Co. —Outdoor.  Most of the small ensembles will perform here. Parking is available just beyond the Millstream Brewing Co. or on the streets leading to the brewery. A rain site is available if needed.


Festhalle Barn stage— we will provide 30+ chairs, 40+ music stands, a sound system with multiple microphones, and the following:

NOTE!—We do not have a marimba.  If you need one for your performance, please let us know ASAP so that we can try to borrow one for you.


Millstream Brewing Co. stage— We will provide chairs for your group, please bring your own music stands. A small sound system with two microphones (on stands) will be provided at the stage.

Please be ready to go on stage 10-15 minutes before your performance so we can stay on schedule.  Performances time (schedule below) allows 1 hour for each group.  Please allow adequate time at the end of your performance for your group to exit the stage and the next group to enter and set up.

Friday, June 14th - Wurst Friday Schedule

Saturday, June 15th - Wurst Brass Festival Schedule


It’s the Wurst Fest with the Best Brass!

When you arrive:  Please come to the ticket table in the Festhalle Barn to get your festival wrist bands.  You can arrive individually or pick them up for your entire group, either way is fine with us.

Tickets to the Wurst Brass Festival are $5.  Tickets to the Amana Colonies “Wurst Festival” will be reduced to $5 (from $7) if you are wearing a Wurst Brass Festival wristband.  Tickets to the Wurst Brass Festival will be $3 if you have a Wurst Festival handstamp.

1. We encourage all participants to arrive early and do a tourist walk-through the historic town of Amana.

2. All participants are encouraged to be audience members when not on stage (and perhaps enjoy a brew or two).

3. We will select a gathering location (prior to each performance) based on the weather that day.

4. Beer, Water, & Pop will be available all day in the Festhalle Barn. Food is available throughout the Amana Colonies.

5. Wurst Festival: Market Barn area, in the center of the village of Amana, you will find local sausage vendors, beer, drinks, desserts, and sides. Wurst Festival features different types of brats, sausage creations, and more things meat! There is even a veggie brat option that will help you convince that vegetarian friend of yours to join in the fun.

6. Watch as local Dachshunds compete to be the “Wurst Dog in Eastern Iowa” as they run as fast as they can to the finish line.

7. Amana Restaurants:

8. Amana Food Shops:

9. Amana Wurst Festival:

10. It is 1/3 of a mile between the two performance venues, so we are working on getting golf-cart transportation to run between the Festhalle Barn and the Millstream Brewery.  More information to come on this.


All musicians are invited to join us for a cookout style dinner and beverages in the Festhalle Barn at the conclusion of the festival. We will have a short program featuring our famous “Top 10 List”, Raffle Prizes, Wurst Awards, and Rum Cakes!! 

Yaaaa, the Wurst Brass Festival… Prost!

Festhalle Barn - 4707 220th Trail, Amana, IA 52203
Millstream Brewing Co.  - 835 48th Ave, Amana, IA 52203


Festhalle Barn dimensions.png

We would like to thank our sponsors and donors. 
We could not continue to make music without you!

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